Autonomous Drones as a Service




Black Tier captures industry-unique data, provides analysis and security services through the use of Autonomous (AI) Drones fitted with specialty payloads backed by Global Support Centers.

Black Tier provides turnkey solutions that integrate innovative technologies and fully autonomous drones, smart fencing, and crop assessment techniques. We utilize local law enforcement and dedicated security personnel to prevent crop theft, provide crop data and analytics to prevent crop loss.

Black Tier Patented Tether System

Black Tier’s fully autonomous tethered drone in a box solution can stay in the air for over 24 hours while transmitting HD video and telemetry through the connected power line (data-over-power technology) avoiding the need for radio transmission. This system self-deploys without human intervention within a few seconds following a remote command or ground sensor triggering event. Since all communication solutions are transferred via the power line it is also considered very safe from cybersecurity standpoint.
Our drone can be deployed in stationary or remote locations as well as on vehicles and standard pickup trucks.

Black Tier’s system is highly mobile, reliable, and durable, which in addition to following pre-planned missions, also function autonomously based on ground sensor triggering. Our systems provide live, high-quality, encrypted optical, and thermal video feed. In addition, all systems can act as a communication relay and/or include additional payloads such as a loudspeaker, lasers, projector lights, or desired sensors.