Traditional security options involving CCTV and security personnel are expensive and limited in its flexibility and coverage. The response time to investigate an intruder is long. The cost to increase security is linear. The inability to gain and maintain situation awareness safely along with the additional persons’ involvement increases risk of poor judgment and bad outcomes. Black Tier’s Autonomous Drones as a Security Service provides 24/7, untiring reconnaissance and surveillance for intruders for up to 150 acres with one autonomous drone. Security personnel can be dramatically reduced cutting costs by one half to one-tenth of traditional services. Situational awareness for the farmer, the local law enforcement, and the private security force is increased with persistent video and engagement of any intruder sent to any responder. Intruder interception is immediate, situational awareness is maximized, and risk of poor judgment or bad outcomes are minimized.

Black Tiers’ autonomous drones give an additional perspective that has previously been unavailable to security teams, enabling increased situational awareness and the advantage against any potential intruders or attackers. Our automated drones can patrol large areas of difficult terrain at greater speed, night or day, equipped with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging sensors, recording evidence and relaying data to the control room or operations center.  Our drone technology can be used effectively as remote CCTV cameras that can be moved quickly to any location, to begin gathering evidence and tracking threats whilst also providing a huge deterrent and psychological advantage. Once an intruder or threat has been identified by one of our autonomous drones, they can be tracked and recorded whilst its position is relayed to ground security teams or responding law enforcement, reducing risk by maintaining distance to the threat.

Drone Security Cameras

Black Tiers stabilized cameras are the prime solution for security applications requiring powerful, versatile, and scalable camera systems. Whether you need to secure a business, a facility, people; the demands are the same: reliable systems to detect, observe, and document threats. There are no second chances in maintaining the security of a subject, and as such, one needs to be able to make decisions with a blink of an eye and act accordingly. Black Tiers state of the art cameras deliver quality monitoring solutions to businesses without compromise enabling us to perform the following tasks:
• Monitoring secure environments during day and night
• Providing true 365/24/7 solutions for consistent security through our Global Security Operations Center
• Detecting threats from large distances