Crop Management

Black Tier recognizes that farmers have always collected and evaluated a large amount of data with each growing cycle: seeds planted, inputs applied, crops harvested, etc. Data science and digital technologies can provide farmers with a wealth of new data. Our fully autonomous drone utilizes Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms to analyze data at high speeds and funnels it back to farmers in the form of useful insights, helping them make critical, timely, in-field decisions achieving better harvests.

Black Tier’s data science experts enable us to accelerate our research and development process, creating efficiencies in production, operations, and supply chain to improve customer experience. We acknowledge that digital farming is at the forefront of modern agriculture and many farmers and scientists are using innovative tools to measure and analyze the elements that affect farming—including environmental conditions, seed genetics, and the presence of pests. Our innovative state of the art technologies and data analysis and management system will continue to enhance farmer efficiency by further enabling them to monitor each plot of land and determine the precise inputs needed for their crops to thrive.

Data Analytics

Black Tier collate and process data utilizing state of the art drone technology, delivered in a Geographical Information System Database once it has been processed. This allows our end-users to visually see all data that has been captured in analyzed comprehensive reports or data sets. We provide data architecture and software solutions and outline the benefits of how our drone data program can work for your business.  Black Tier offers a solid foundation for making drone data an integral part of your business. Our fully autonomous drone offers a multitude of possibilities, however, the vast amount of data they collect will be of little use if it cannot be distilled into business intelligence that enables better decisions within your organization.

This proven process results in a catalog of high-resolution imagery data and provides exceptionally concise intelligence of the target areas for immediate analysis and for reference for integrity changes over time.  In addition, our highly-capable autonomous vehicle will achieve far better, more reliable results in a fraction of the time.

Inspect your fields

NDVI maps to identify areas of concern

Create zones and prescriptive maps to increase yield

Identify crop damage and validate insurance claims

Manage irrigation and minimize soil erosion

Compare trends through our global database